YOU MAKE ME LIVE. [170211]
by: Lumaineftw

ㅂ ㅂ ㅎ

Every single thing will matter if it’s about you.

Even if it’s just subtle, I’d still care because after all, it’s about you and you matter to me so much even if you have no idea at all of what you make me do nor how you make me feel.

You make me do something I thought I wasn’t capable of.
You make me feel like someone who already achieved everything in each and every lifetime that she will have.
You make me believe in ideas and everything that I once thought of as insane.

You make me consider things which aren’t even possible in the first place.
You make me wish for time to stop because if it didn’t, I’d really lose my breath away.

You make me hold on to something so dear and fragile.
You make me hold on to you and the idea of you.

You’re the sole reason why I still grasp for air
when I honestly feel like I want to drown.

You’re 변백현, and you make me live.
Thank you, for making me live.


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