Since when did it matter anyway?

He smiles.
He laughs.
He makes cheerful sounds.
Everything looks fine and almost, if not at all, perfect.
But then there’s always a bitter version of what you see,
and it’s called reality.

It honestly breaks my heart.
I think that I did my best to support my idols to the fullest, but it seems
like I failed to reach their expectations.

Why must he belittle his self?
Why must he think that they weren’t successful?
Why must he think of the charts?
Why must he think that he’s at fault?

Since when did it measured talent?
Since when did it measured hard-work?
Since when did it matter anyway?

I’ve said it many times, maybe not just here yet but I’ll be saying it now.

It’s irrelevant when we’re talking about talent.
It’s irrelevant when we’re talking about hard-work.
It’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter.

They produce their own music.
They compose and write their own lyrics.
They are hands-on when making their album.
Those are already worthy of praise and no chart is needed
just for them to prove something.

As long as they enjoy making music;
As long as they are happy with the songs they sing and lyrics they write;
As long as they still find joy in performing in front of their fans;
I’ll support them. Because that’s what important. They need no charts just to be loved because they already are loved.

I wish that they’ll never bother to look at where they’re ranked.
It doesn’t define them.
If they rank low, then so what?
If they rank high, then again, so what?

I’ve always think this way- topping the charts is just a bonus.
Why do you make music? For the fans.
For whom do you perform? For the fans.
Do it all for the fans who treasure and adore you,
not for the charts which only ranks.

Pleasing everybody is hard, and you weren’t born for that.
You were born for music, you were born to chase after your dreams.
Having fans who appreciate you is what matters.

Dear 마크,

Don’t be disappointed when you look at the charts. Having us is what matters, right? As long as you have us, never worry because we always have your back. The charts? That won’t be able to measure your pursuance of your dreams. You left your family to enjoy making music right? You didn’t left to rank high. So never worry, and don’t be disappointed. Have high expectations on us, your fans… not on the charts. You flip and turn with your martial arts, and you surely aren’t a flop in us. 사랑해요!


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