Save Me (160417)

First and foremost, this a FICTION.
This isn’t real, just a work which my head had fabricated.

I remember it clearly, it was raining hard that night. I was supposed to go home from a drinking session with my friends but I can’t continue walking so I just stopped by the nearest convenience store to buy a cup of hot coffee to wake me up. Also to lessen my dizziness and while I’m at it, wait for the rain to somehow weaken and hopefully, cease out already.

I sat at one of the stools when a stranger sat two stools beside me. She’s a girl with a beautiful long black hair.  I didn’t bother to pay attention to her, maybe she’s just here to wait for the rain to stop because she’s dripping wet. I wasn’t able to see her face because she was wearing a cap which covers her face. I just sat there while drinking my coffee. When I finished drinking, unluckily, the rain hasn’t stopped yet. In fact, it rained harder. The girl beside me suddenly asked a question, “How do you know if someone’s suicidal?” I was shocked. Out of nowhere, she asked like that and she’s somehow giving me the creeps. I mean, c’mon, it’s way past 12 midnight and it’s raining so hard then she’s asking me about suicide?

“You didn’t hear me? Sorry for bothering.” She was about to stand up and leave but the rain is still pouring hard and somehow, I don’t want her to go out there. WAIT. What if she’s suicidal? I gotta talk to her. What if once she set foot outside of this convenience store, she’s planning to end her life? What if she asked a sign that if a stranger answered her question, she would reconsider ending her life? If that’s the case and I’m that stranger, I gotta help her.

I have already written what’s next, but I think it’s not yet that polished- it’s still shitty. Lol.


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