What is an album?
According to Wikipedia, an album is a collection of recordings.

But what if you’re the one to define it in your own words?

ALBUM – it is where you spend your money. It is also the reason why you go broke at times… if you’re unfortunate and have MANY bias groups, most of the times, you’re freakin’ broke. Album is also the reason why you somextimes starve yourself because you want to buy your bias’ album and the reason why you’d rather go home walking than to commute and pay for your fare. Album is the reason why “money flies away.”

PS: These definitions are 100% from me, and literally 100% applicable to me because it’s based on my experience just to buy my bias’ album. 😄

💿 If I really love that group, no questions asked, I’ll buy their album even if I haven’t heard its highlight medley yet.

💿 I buy their albums without questions asked: EXO – Got7 – Red Velvet – Taeyeon. YAPS. These four, I buy their albums without thinking twice. Well, except for when I really don’t have money. I really go broke on a daily basis. 😄

💿 One goal I have is that I’ll complete all of their previous and soon albums when I have extra money. 😄

FACTS: (As of January 18, 2017)

💿 Out of all the albums I own, my favorite is Taeyeon’s I. I call it the “album of perfection.” 😄

💿 Top 3 albums (excluding ‘I’) are: WHY – FOR LIFE – SING FOR YOU.

💿 As of now, Mad Winter Edition is the album that’s totally worth the price. I bought that for almost 2000 pesos, shipping fee included. When I unboxed it, IT’S LIKE A GIFT. There are so many stuffs inside, and I really loved it! Especially the notebook.

💿 As of now, are there album/s that’s on the way? [💿] YES [] NO